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Welcome to the Troop 7 Web Site!

One of the great things about Scouting is that you can do things and go places that you couldn’t do anywhere else. In Troop 7 you will be able to go camping almost every month. In the winter we may have a cabin or if you are well prepared for cold weather you may even sleep in your tent in subfreezing temperatures. You’ll be able to find your way through the woods without getting lost using a map and compass – or using the latest GPS technology.

In addition to adventuring Scouting is FUN. The boys in our Troop like to play bombardment which is like a free for all game of dodge ball. When we’re on campouts we like to play capture the flag and another variation called Manhunt. We like to discover new places, climbing rocks and exploring for wildlife.

Only in Scouting can you earn the coveted Eagle Scout Award. This is the most prestigious award that any young man can earn. The award is so respected that it helps Scouts get into the college of their choice. The majority of cadets in the military academies (West Point, Air Force Academy, etc.) have been Scouts with a large number having their Eagle Scout Award. It’s hard to earn the Eagle but it is well worth the effort.

Many young men stay on in Scouting even as adults because it has meant so much to them. You will make friendship that literally will last a lifetime. You will be with a great bunch of boys that will encourage you and lead you to life preparing experiences.

You will learning canoeing, sailing, archery, riflery, ecology, pioneering, first aid. You can earn merit badges in electronics, atomic energy, astronomy, cinematography, fishing, engineering, nuclear science, sailing, motor boating and much, much more. There are over 120 merit badges to choose from.

Most of all Scouting prepares you for life. In Scouting you will be a leader of other boys. You will work together with the adult leaders to complete projects and make a difference in our community. You will grow in character, citizenship and personal fitness.

Give Troop 7 a try – Come visit us on a Monday night and see what we do, for yourself.  We meet at:
Rocky Mountain Calvary
Room 18
4285 North Academy Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Rocky Mountain Calvary is located on the Northeast corner of Academy Blvd and Austin Bluffs Parkway behind Village Inn

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